What is the Problem?

Labor-Greens and Liberal-Nationals have failed Australia.

Together they have collectively and gradually - wrecked the economy now with a $1trillion debt; divided the nation socially & culturally; and have sold out to offshore interests and to corporations & unelected organisations that do not have the best interests of Australians at the fore.

It’s time to bring back Australia to its former open, free, fair & prosperous outlook.  To do that, we need to change the make-up of our federal parliament.  How to do that? …PUT the MAJORS LAST!

We do not need or want politicians that believe they are the elite and we the people are their lowly subjects to be dictated to and enslaved.

We currently have no power, no voice and no means to address our grievances.

It's time to remind the political elite that they work for us.

It's time to replace these elites with real Australians who understand reality and PUT the MAJORS where they always put us: LAST!


Why PML Works?

Overall PML does not promote any one minor political party above another and you the voter can make your own changes.

Put the Majors Last (PML) is a flexible & smart voting tool that provides you with a recommended voting order for candidates & parties in the 2022 federal election based upon your answers to just two simple questions.

The PML recommend voting order – known as the “How-to-Vote” (HTV) order – can then also be personalised for both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Overall, it works by corralling all minor party votes via the preference flow system towards one of the minor parties and at the expense of the major parties.


What Tools are Here?

It’s Informative:  It has guidance videos; it has information on all candidates to help you make your choices; and it has handy references to Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) information.

It’s Easy:  It does the hard work for you - then you can easily shuffle the recommended HTV order of candidates and parties up or down*

* Except for the major parties - you can move them about but not away from the bottom positions.

It’s Shareable:  Print your own How-to-Vote card; Store it on your phone, Share it by SMS or email it to family, friends and colleges.


What to Remember!

The major parties of Labor-Greens & Liberal-Nationals have consistently provided us with a string of broken promises, inaction, record debt, lack of accountability, etcetera … which is why PML …  PUTs the MAJOR PARTIES LAST.