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If you are new to voting or don't really understand how elections work in Australia that's fine! It can be pretty daunting and complicated. So below are some links to better explain how the electoral system works in Australia.


A quick 1 minute video from Griffith University:



Another short description from Parliamentary Education Office:

Elections and Voting: Federal Elections


The AEC (Australian Electoral Commission)

The AEC is the definitive source for all electoral matters. It is the independent federal agency in charge of organising, conducting and supervising federal Australian elections, by-elections and referendums. If you are in doubt about anything the AEC is the final and only say on the rules, voting, polling places, ballots, timings etc. Follow the links to the AEC on this page to check your enrolment, updating your details, finding your electorate and any other matter related to the election.

Find your electorate

Enrol to vote (enrollments for the 2022 Federal election are now closed)

Check your enrolment

Update your details (updates for the 2022 Federal election are now closed)